Zumba Shoes

Zumba Shoes

Now a day everyone is looking for something unique and good way that burns body with good type of exercise. Zumba dancing exercise is one of the best dancing exercises that will give you good effect to make you slim and burn extra fat of your body. Moreover, this Latin style dancing will never make you bore because of the same and common workouts like weightlifting, running or walking all day long.

However, selecting the Zumba dance exercise to reduce weight is not enough for any person. In this process, you will also need the best Zumba shoes so that you can have good support, minimal tread and multi-directional movement feature that are very important for dancing. If your shoes miss any of the feature, your bones will surely affect by any serious fracture or pain because this is dancing exercise, REMEMBER!

Capezio Women’s DS19 Web Dansneaker

Capezio Women’s DS19 Web Dansneaker is one of the Zumba shoes that will give you the perfect support to your knees and give you multi-directional movement to have good comfort to foot. Moreover, the PU outsole with no marking feature gives the flex points to the users for slip resistant. On the other hand, the EVA foot bed of this shoe is removal in order to place any heel pain sole if you want to use. The outsole is very smooth and easily to clean for having dirt free Zumba dancing workout.

The full synthetic layered shoe with manmade sole ensures the durability of this black color with hot pink lining designed shoe. The toe stands will give you 0 inch platform as well as good heel to toe drop feature to have good support to your foot. The lacing system of this shoe is very standard with poly or cotton lace. Moreover, the comfort with smooth feeling will give you a full time support for Zumba dancing exercise.


  1. EVA Foot Bed with Removal Option
  2. Light Weight Dancing Shoe
  3. Smooth PU Outsole
  4. Tech-Mesh Smooth Synthetic Upper

RYKA Women’s Influence Aerobics Shoe

RYKA Women’s Influence Aerobics Shoe is another Zumba dancing exercise shoe for women that is available in different colors. However, women will get three colors in one shoe and the best selling Zumba shoe combines of black, pink and Plum color. As a result, the color combination is just perfect for women to have comfortable feeling with good influenced support.

The synthetic leather with high impact shoe will give you rubber sole and flex foil technology to give you good support. However, the textile lining insole with cushioning system will always give you nice feature as well as give dual impact to the midsole. As a result, you will have comfortable height and traction to outsole with your footprint design. In this case, you will have the good cushioned shoe with good support on the heel with Direct Fuse Layers.


  1. Support with   Direct-Fuse Layers
  2. High Impact Zumba Shoe
  3. Designed Footprint with Traction Outsole
  4. Textile Lining with Air Mesh

RYKA Women’s Synergy Shoe

RYKA Women’s Synergy Shoe is another woman Zumba shoes from the same brand with some good features and different designs for the user. The shoe is perfect for studio fitness as well as ensures good look during your dancing too! With this leathered shoe and air mesh feature, no woman will get tired of dancing because of fresh cool air availability to your foot.

However, the upper mesh designed for giving you positive impact on the alignment with midsole cushioning system. On this case, you will have the rubber sole with EVA midsole in order to be sure to get a unique fit shoe. Moreover, the heel to toe feature ensures your safety of heel pain problem with good soft dropping system. On the other hand, the performance level will be rich as well as the style because of the flexibility Zumba shoe on foot.


  1. Impact Alignment With Upper Designed
  2. Good Studio Fitness Zumba Shoe
  3. Cushioning Midsole with Optimal Flex
  4. Performance Designed with Rubber Sole

Zumba Women’s Z1 Dance Shoe

Zumba Women’s Z1 Dance Shoe is one of the best for Zumba Dancing exercise shoe that will give you good feeling of dancing and comfort to continue it for a long time. With the white and black color combination, you will have a good and soft designed form this China shoe. The multi-directional movement of fitness shoe gives you support and durable outsole to use this for a long time. However, the support and durability will enhance the speed as well as life of this Zumba dancing exercise to rock it.

This pivot point on sole with good breathable power, you will never have a single problem and pain on your feet due to heel. Moreover, this is one of the flat feet shoes that you can wear for Zumba too! The shock absorbing footwear with the supportive design, you will not have any problem to easy calorie burning dance.


  1. Durable Air Mesh Smooth Zumba Shoe
  2. Supportive and Protective Design
  3. Multi-directional Movement with Pivot Point in Sole
  4. Good Breathable Shoe

RYKA Women’s Exertion Shoe

RYKA Women’s Exertion Shoe is a good looking Zumba style shoe with black and purple color that suits women foot very much. In fact, the sole, midsole and outsole is durable because of the best quality material to give support. You will also have pivot point designed on your sole with the manmade sole duration. On this case, you will have the perfect heel to toe to avoid heel pain to your foot for long time dancing. On the other hand, the stable power is awesome because of the soft leather and rubber midsole for the dancers.

This is a women shoe that gives you good busy day with support and traction. However, the colors are limited but the features looks prettier to avoid any type of heel pain problem. The air mesh smooth upper design really assembles your shoe as well as comfort feeling. The shoe looks like too much heavy to dance with as well as tight fitting to your foot. But, the real matter is comfortable to dance with good fitting because of the studio fitness friendly feature.


  1. Studio Fitness Friendly Shoe
  2. Pivot Point Design on Sole
  3. Durable Soles
  4. Low Profile Supportive Performance

Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Shoe

There are many Zumba shoes available in Reebok Shoe Brand and Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Shoe is one of them. You will get the good shoe with sole that will keep away from heel pain as well as offer good dancing time with your group. The rubber sole with 3D UltraLite tooling feature will give smooth feeling to your foot when you are dancing with full concentrate. As a result, you do not need to free stress because of heat on foot or something painful there at all!

Like other Zumba shoes, you will have Pivot point on sole but you will also have turn zone to control your turns that gives you protection from any bone fracture too! For that reason, this is a great choice for the Zumba women dances to avoid not only heel pain but also bone fracture during turning.


  1. UltraLite tooling(3D)
  1. Pivot Point in Sole
  2. Turn Zone For Safe Turning
  3. Flex Grooves in Both Vertical and Horizontal

Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead mid Shoe

If you want to have a cute look with your sweet face, then, Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Mid Shoe Zumba dancing exercise is the most important for you. The light pink color with purple rope system is just amazing to watch on any ages of women foot especially on young women. For that reason, you should not miss the dancing shoes that look great as well as offer some beneficial features to you.

The mesh cut outs will give you good feeling through foot with the rubber sole and manmade leather. Moreover, the lighting aerobics show ill also give you the best time in the training because of the light weight and supportive feature. With 7.4 oz fore foot grip traction shoes, you will have good turning features for dancing to burn fat. On the other hand, the Pivot Point on shoe also improves the protection level and the rubber sole improves the soft level of this shoe.


  1. Soft Rubber Sole and Outsole
  2. Lace Up Closure System
  3. Protective Turn Zone with Pivot Point
  4. Light Weight with No Heel

Ryka Women’s Downbeat Fitness Sneaker

Ryka Women’s Downbeat Fitness Sneaker Zumba dancing exercise shoe looks good with black color along with other attractive colors. However, the Velcro closure will always give you fit to your shoe and never uptight because of your contiguous movement. On the other hand, the synthetic leather with sole of rubber improves the life of this Zumba dancing shoe.

Use the instep strap with adjustable feature in order to get good service. On the other hand, the service and comfortable level is really outstanding for the users with the highest durability and stability to your Zumba classes. On this case, you will have good rubber outsole that provides good studio friendly shoe with cushioning feature.


  1. Velcro Closure for Good Fitting
  2. Instep Strap with Adjustable Option
  3. Low Profile Cushioning in Midsole
  4. Diamond Rubber Outsole

Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker is designed and manufactured well for the women who have good interest in Zumba dancing for losing weight. This full black color Zumba shoe will give you the best and top quality synthetic leather with mesh upper to have good air as well as suede.

The shoe is very flat with padded Achilles notice for having good and comfortable feeling during the dancing time. The ventilation and breathability power of this shoe improves because of the perforated arch feature. On the other hand, the outsole with no marking PU gives flexes points to the workout dancing shoe.


  1. Synthetic With Suede
  2. Available in Different Sizes but Single Color
  3. Flat Toe to Toe Standing Feature
  4. Ventilation and Breathability for Perforated Arch

Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker

Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker is a good black and pink color Zumba shoe that gives you good heel to toe and platform measurement. As a result, you will not have any midsole problem as well as good support from the heel to toe drop. Moreover, the variable lacing system improves the arch fitting to foot as well support more than you need.

You will have 1.25 inch heel with .75 inch platform measurement in this Zumba dancing shoe. The 360 degree movement with Pivot point gives good protection to your safe movement with DRT cushioned heel to make it comfortable and slip resistant.


  1. Heel 1.25 Inches & Platform 0.75 inch
  2. Optimum Arch Fitting for Support
  3. 360 Degree Pivot Point
  4. Heel with DRT Cushioned

Bloch Women’s Evolution Dance Sneaker

Bloch Women’s Evolution Dance Sneaker is a single black color Zumba shoe with good features in order to give you full protection for safe multi-directional movement during dancing. On the other hand, the sock liner with removal contoured will always fit to your foot and improves the comfort level. The synthetic mid foot stretch mesh is a good way to make it breathability to the users.

With the rubber sole and outsole, you will have the natural soft action leather for dancing in the Zumba workout gym. For that reason, users will have good Zumba shoe with durability, stability and breathability during the dancing workout time. Therefore, no more stress about the flexible movement and heel pain with this Zumba shoe.


  1. Single Colored Durable Zumba Shoe
  2. Soft and Smooth Rubber Outsole, Sole
  3. Safe for Multi-directional Movement

These are the durable, flexible and breathable Zumba shoes for man and women in order to give good way to burn fat. Wear any of the shoes without any stress of bone fracture or heel pain because of the features.